1. Industry
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A thorough look at the world of catch shares.


Catch Shares are the most important - and controversial - aspect of fisheries management and regulation in the United States.

This section serves as a reference point for catch shares and their extensive ramifications.

  1. Regulations & Policies
  2. Pros & Cons

Regulations & Policies

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Catch Shares are a national policy used by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to regulate fisheries. The law, the policy and regulations designed to impact catch shares are described in this section.

Pros & Cons

Photo: Mike Souza

Catch shares and sector management are touted by NOAA and environmental organizations as the "be all - end all" of fisheries management, the cure for overfishing on the entire planet. Independent fishermen, the fabric of industry say the system - designed or by accident - is putting them out of business.

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