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Fishing Management

Commercial fishing pricing, licenses and transportation
  1. Commercial Fishing Licenses (1)
  2. Commercial Fishing Transportation (0)
  3. Commercial fish pricing. (2)

Fisheries And The Escolar
The escolar

The Sea Scallop Industry
The sea scallop fishery

State, Feds Differ on St. Croix Alewifes
St. Croix River alewife problem

Commercial Fishing and Taxes
Commercial Fishing and Taxes

Mackerel, Squid and Butterfish
Managing mackerel, squid and butterfish,

Lobster Management
Managing the American lobster

Lobster Management
Lobster Management

Marine Protected Areas
Defining marine protected areas

Share the Gulf
Coalition fights to save seafood

Research Set-Aside Programs
Explaining Set-Aside Programs

Ecosystem Balance
indirect effects of population

Inshore Trawl Surveys
trawl survey, groundfish, multispecies, Maine fishing

Overfishing and acceptable biological catch
Overfishing and acceptable limit definitions

Six Fisheries Receive Disaster Relief Funds
NOAA Fisheries disaster aid set at $75 million, to include salmon, multispecies groundfish, oyster and blue crab fisheries.

Tidal And Intertidal Zones

Study Hints At Tuna, Dolphin Relationship
Yellowfin tuna, dolphins associated with each other to minimize predation.

U.S. Seafood Declines Over Last Decade
Fisheries economics, landings and prices impact demand and supply in the United States.

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