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Commercial Fishing Methods: Fishing by the Jigging Method



Jigging is a fishing method used to harvest squid. Like trolling and longlining, it is a hook-and-line method. It is environmentally friendly and considered to be a conservative and sustainable method of fishing by eliminating large amounts of bycatch.

In jigging, lures (also called jigs, hence the name), or baited hooks that are pulled at irregular intervals, creating a jerking, realistic movement of the bait. Whether using lures or bait, the hooks used in jigging are multi-pronged, or grapnel shaped.

Jigging for squid is conducted at night. Bright spotlights mounted on the fishing vessel are used to attract the species.

Jigs come in a variety of shapes and colors, even luminous, but are generally less than six inches in length. Jig lines are usually no longer than 300 feet long because squid are not a bottom dwelling species. Once set, lines are jerked to the surface, harvested, and reset.

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